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Manners Matter In Dating– Tips To Dating for Singles Over 30

I remember dating this guy who would take me on business functions and his manners were the worst.  I would stare across the table at him while he was eating and everything seemed so wrong.  He would chew with his mouth open, put his elbows on the table, forget to use his napkin, and had the most restless legs.

I remember making note of this to him on several occasions and he said he would try to work on it but things never really got better.  Manners are important, in dating and in business.

Mind Your Manners When There Are Two of You

Men over 30 seem to be the most egregious when it comes to poor manners.  However, I do not intend for this to be stereotypical.  I have my share of friends and clients that are female and suffer from poor manners too.  Here are some quick tips when thinking about manners.

Know Thyself

Observe the manners of the person you are dating.  If you are somebody that really finds manners important, then you may always find issue with someone who does not place the same merit on manners.  Likewise, if you are more casual with your manners, be cautious of the partner you date to determine if they are stricter with manners.  If you can handle being stricter, terrific, if not you might need to reconsider who you choose to date.

Be Conscious of Time

If you are someone who is always late, be conscious of your time commitment.  Nothing says you do not care about your date more than being late.  If the person you are dating demonstrates a more casual approach to time also, then being a bit more haphazard might not be a problem.  However, do not assume this in the beginning of any relationship.

Turnoff the Mobile

Want to frustrate someone on a first date, second date, spend time sending text messages and replying to emails.  You can virtually guarantee and end to your future dates.  Remember, dating and love are built on continuing to show someone you care.  Make them the center of your attention.

Be a Good Listener

We often do not think of listening as part of manners, but it is.  More than 70% of the people I consult with say poor listening is a turn-off.  If you do not want to be a turn-off, then turn-on your questioning and listening skills to improve your manners.

I will write more about manners as we all can use some good pointers.  Keep an eye out for articles about conducting yourself at dinner, how to have manners during a wine tasting,  Chivalry is it alive and many more.  Thanks for reading.

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10 Rules Dating Guys Wish Women Knew

Asking for what you want is not a crime.
Don’t talk to men about your pet as if it is a person and especially not your Secrets of Successbaby!
Don’t cut your hair. Not ever.
Obsessing over details drives men crazy.
Dating is not a job interview – stop drilling for questions.
Mystery drive ‘em crazy.
Eye contact, flirting and smiling go a loooong way!
We will call you if we are interested.
Desperation is ugly.
We will make you our number one priority once we love you.

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